What to Expect

Visiting a church for the first time can be a nerve racking experience. So we thought we'd make it a bit easier by letting you know what to expect.

We're Different

We're a little different from your typical hymn singing church.
Dress Code: We tend to dress a little smarter than usual but we won't turn you away if you're in shorts and flipflops.
Loud Music: Expect energetic, loud worship music at the beginning of service and during the collecton/offering time.
Dancing: With the type of energetic music we play you can't help it but move your feet. We dance during praise and worhsip but especially at the end of ther sermon.

Usual Schedule

The Sunday service usually starts at 11am but feel free to drop by at any time, the usual schedule is as follows below;
10:30am Adult Bible studies
11:20am Service Starts with praise and worship
12:25pm Sermon Begins
2:00pm Offering & Final Announcements
2:30pm Service Ends

Where you'll find us

We're 10 mins away from Clapham Common station.
If you're driving we have parking all along our side of Grafton Square on Sundays.