Maranatha is an Aramaic word that means
"the Lord is coming" or "come, O Lord."

The Holy Spirit directed our Pastor Dr Frederick Mmieh to start Maranatha Ministries in October 1990 as a Prayer Fellowship (House Group), with eleven members. This fellowship was known as Christian Prayer Fellowship International (CPFI).

CPFI meetings were held on a rotational basis in the homes of members. Members were taught the Word of God and they shared practical fellowship by breaking bread. The fellowship began meetings at the Knights Youth Centre in Streatham SW16 in the same month of October with eight members.

In 1991, the name of the fellowship name was changed to the current name, Maranatha Ministries, as directed by the Lord. Later that year the Maranatha Ministries held its first evangelistic crusade at the Clapham Youth Centre, and thanks to the Lord for the new members added to the ministry.

Maranatha Ministries was registered as a Charity in 1996 and also became affiliated to the Evangelical Alliance and the International Ministerial Council of Great Britain.

Maranatha has branches in Dominica and South India (Andhra Pradesh). Since1999 we have made several trips to Dominica on evangelistic campaigns, we have also made missions trips to South India (Andhra Pradesh) in the year 2000. Maranatha is duly registered as a charitable organization in these countries. In Dominica a church has been planted and in India we have joined hands with a number of churches who are now affiliated to Maranatha Ministries and they are now known as Maranatha Ministries (South India), Maranatha is also involved in the running of an Orphanage. We have seen many people with all kinds of diseases healed by the Lord, cocaine addicts miraculously delivered by the hand of the Lord.